About me

I am conservation scientist at the University of British Columbia. I a currently a PhD candidate supervised by Dr. Kai Chan. I peer at environmental challenges through a relational lens: at the center of every environmental challenge or success are human–nature relationships.

Human lifestyles are evolving. We’re living in cities and relying on new technologies. We’re interacting with friends and family differently, and working and playing differently. All of these changes are reshaping the relationships that we build with nature. Unfortunately, conservation efforts often fail to harness these new relationships, stifling ordinary people’s conservation action.

Using a transdisciplinary approach that draws on methods from ecology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics, I test how today’s salient human-nature relationships can be marshalled to enact a more sustainable world.

Before coming to UBC, I received a BA from Harvard University in Environmental Science and Public Policy. I bring my joy for birding, painting, Bayesian inference, and outdoor adventure into my research as much as possible, though I have yet to figure out a way of incorporating my enthusiasm for sourdough baking.

I also conduct bird color vision and sensory ecology research with Dr. Mary Caswell Stoddard. See our recent publication in PNAS and my twitter thread summary.