About me

I am conservation scientist at the University of British Columbia. I am currently a PhD candidate supervised by Dr. Kai Chan.

I investigate environmental issues through a relational lens: at the center of conservation challenges are human–nature relationships. Using a transdisciplinary approach that draws on methods from ecology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics, I study how to marshal today’s salient human-nature relationships to enact a more sustainable world.

Before coming to UBC, I received a BA from Harvard University in Environmental Science and Public Policy. I bring my joy for birding, painting, Bayesian inference, and outdoor adventure into my research as much as possible, though I have yet to figure out a way of incorporating my enthusiasm for sourdough baking.

I also conduct bird color vision and sensory ecology research with Dr. Mary Caswell Stoddard. See our recent publication in PNAS and my twitter thread summary.