About me

I am a Gund Postdoctoral Fellow a at the University of Vermont, where I work with Rachelle Gould and Brian Beckage.

I investigate environmental issues through a relational lens: at the center of conservation challenges are human–nature relationships. Using a transdisciplinary approach that draws on methods from ecology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics, I study how to marshal today’s salient human-nature relationships to enable more sustainable trajectories.

I bring my joy for birding, painting, Bayesian inference, and outdoor adventure into my research as much as possible, though I have yet to figure out a way of incorporating my enthusiasm for sourdough baking.

The first papers are now out from my PhD! The first on using genetic information and recognigition of interdependent relationships with nature to motivate the conservation of widespread species. See my twitter threadfor a summary.

Eyster, H. N., Olmsted, P., Naidoo, R., & Chan, K. M. A. (2022). Motivating conservation even for widespread species using genetic uniqueness and relational values. Biological Conservation, 266, 109438. https://doi. org/10.1016/j.biocon.2021.109438. Available free here. Data

The second paper combines a whole bunch of biophysical metrics to show that woody perennial polyculture farms in the US enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services relative to traditional farms. Twitter summary here.

Kreitzman, M., Eyster, H. N., Mitchell, M., Czajewska, A., Keeley, K., Smukler, S., Sullivan, N., Verster, A., & Chan, K. M. A. (2022). Woody perennial polycultures in the U.S. Midwest enhance biodiversity and ecosystem functions. Ecosphere, 13(1). https://doi.org/10.1002/ecs2.3890. Data

In Summer 2021 I completed my PhD at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Kai Chan. Before coming to UBC, I received a BA from Harvard University in Environmental Science and Public Policy.

I also conduct bird color vision and sensory ecology research with Dr. Mary Caswell Stoddard. See our recent publication in PNAS and my twitter thread summary.